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You're WRITE on

Sweet friend,

It's time to get your WRITE on! Writing is a powerful tool for healing, sharing stories and using our voices to step into a more powerful state of being. I'm talking good ol' handwriting, peeps. You know-the kind of grocery-list-gone-walking-miss-you handwriting. Why? Handwriting increases neural activity keeping your brain sharp. The sequential hand movements activate thinking, language and working memory. This ultimately leads to a higher level of creative problem solving. And who doesn't want that? 

Handwriting increases neural activity keeping your brain sharp.

Below are some benefits I've noticed in my own life.

  • Crystal clear priorities: List your top 3 priorities each day to designing your day around what matters most. It saves you time and can make a frantic day smooth. Prioritize what weighs most heavily on you and let everything else be fluid, shifting around those. Trust me the other tasks will be there tomorrow.

It saves you time . . .
  • More creative problem solving: I KNOW you have NEVER been UPSET with a situation or interaction you experienced! :)  In just 10 minutes of nonstop handwriting, your brain can untangle facts, assumptions, expectations and emotions to create aligned steps forward. It creates solutions beyond anything you could think up on the fly (or after mulling it over for hours). 

  • Better intra (self) and inter (other) communication: Writing feelings into words helps you more clearly communicate. 

YOUR CHALLENGE: Write 10 minutes a day for 5 days. You can do anything for 10 minutes. 

You can do anything for 10 minutes. 

How exactly do I do this?  You might be surprised at how much you're already doing. List writing counts. Stream-of-consciousness counts. A quick note to a friend? Totally. Poetry on sticky notes and napkins? Yep. Brilliant quotes you heard? Yep.  There's only one rule: hand writing. 

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