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Holiday dishes and dear memories

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

WHAT is the story behind one of your favorite holiday dishes? Let's swap recipes, share memories, and try some new dishes! FILL OUT THIS "DIRT ON YOUR DISH" SURVEY. Here's my answer: GINGERBREAD SPICE PANCAKES -Pancakes remind me of my family, particularly my father. (Check out his adventures here.) He is always up at 6am. Growing up, we could count on the smell of a hearty breakfast wafting from the kitchen each weekend: buttery toast, order-your-preference eggs, pancakes or waffles with real maple syrup and sizzling bacon. Every time I go home, Dad makes us that breakfast. When my Grandpa was alive, he used to make an iteration of that same breakfast for us each time we visited. After my husband's first Christmas with my family, he purchased a waffle maker and toaster. Today, we have breakfast together every Sunday. It is our iteration of my father's breakfast. And it is the one time each week this plant-based diva enjoys eggs and bacon and maybe even some gf pancakes. :) 3 more recipes for kicks and giggles: FOR THE LOVE OF NOG PINEAPPLE CUCUMBER SALAD CHOCOLATE ORANGE GINGER CAKE Want more? In a free breakthrough session, you’ll enjoy a 60 minute phone call focused entirely on helping you cultivate abundance, bring sexy back and show up for the people you love. Schedule your free breakthrough session here.

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