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Staying safe is sexy

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

My sweet friends,

As temperatures drop and Covid cases rise I'm brainstorming tips to stay safe and sexy this season because staying safe IS sexy. Let me know what I’ve missed!

  1. Pick a few masks you LOVE and wear them daily. Don’t like how it feels? Stay home. We are all responsible for protecting ourselves AND others.

  2. Sweat daily, sweetheart. It increases heart strength, boosts happy hormones and gut health. It’s also key when managing chronic diseases like Endometriosis.

  3. Clean your space like the in-laws are coming. (Sanitize handles, dust, sweep vacuum, mop.) Cleaning can increase mental calm AND it gets you sweating! :)

  4. Drink half your weight in ounces of water. This flushes out toxins, and maintains healthy brain function and energy. Warm water is gentlest on your stomach.

  5. Plant-powered eats reduce inflammation and your risk for lifestyle diseases. Try out new recipes at home and avoid eating out.

  6. Order groceries online and enjoy the free grocery pickup many stores offer.

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