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So ya wanna JUICE...

Awesome. Chances are you’ve heard of the benefits of juicing, but there are a few that may surprise you... When we increase our fruit and veggie intake through juicing, we also increase our consumption of chlorophyll (the green pigment in plants that absorbs light). Chlorophyll helps our cells carry more oxygen and aids in the production of red blood cells. Interestingly, diseases thrive in oxygen-deprived environments, so increasing the oxygen in your cells is a big deal when it comes to boosting your immunity and overall well being. 

How to start juicing…

  1. Choose the right juicer based on budget, efficiency, juice quality and shelf-life.  

  2. Want a juicer that’s quick and easy to clean? Check out centrifugal juicers.

  3. Have time to spare and want enzyme-rich juice that lasts? See masticating or twin gear juicers.

  4. Juicers can range from $50 to $500+. Choose what works for your budget.

  1. Make way for the juicer! Literally. You’ve made a great investment. Now make your juicing practice inevitable. Clear out accessible cupboard space, so it’s easy to retrieve your juicer every morning. I keep ours with the blender, toaster and teas in the “breakfast cupboard” above the counter. Using it is as easy as reaching up and plopping it on the counter. No rummaging through cupboards or lifting that beast!

  1. Plan ahead. Hubby and I learned early on to follow a recipe if we wanted palatable juice. Now, planning juices is the first step in our weekend meal planning. Check your fridge and start with simple juice recipes that utilize the produce you already have and usually buy. To minimize prep time, we use 3 recipes per week and enjoy each twice (for a total of 6 juice-tastic mornings.)  3 of our favorites include: Pucker Up Juice, Green Lemonade, and Pineapple Sunset. Kris Carr’s website is our go-to for recipes. 

  1. Make it a family affair! Share the yumminess and split the work with a family member. Mornings go smoothly when Tony preps produce for juicing the night beforehand. In the morning I just grab that bowl out of the fridge, juice the contents and wash the juicer. Splitting the work makes it SO much easier. Pro tip: Know you have a crazy busy day? Plan for an easy smoothie. More fiber + less prep + less cleanup = lower time cost! We love this one. 

Regular juicing has increased our morning energy, our consumption of greens AND the weird looks we get when we purchase 15 cucumbers. :) Wishing you lots of yummy juices.

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