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Self-sabotage & damn good ice cream

Above: "Nice Cream" made with frozen bananas, blueberries and maple syrup - another way to splurge AND be in alignment with your health goals.

Struggling to make your New Year's resolution long term? Or even *gasp* ENJOYABLE? You're in the right place. We've all been there - mentally berating ourselves for "cheating" on our diet or enjoying "bad" food. Let's look at SELF-SABOTAGE through a new perspective that helps you...

  • Own your choices

  • Disrupt damaging dialogue

  • Decode the message your body's sending

  • Get free from fear and honor that message with love

  • Reconcile your internal dietician and you inner rule-breaker

Food ISN'T good or bad. Choices are. Even then, cheating on your diet is always better than cheating on your hubby. Your physical health or lack thereof is not a reflection of your morality. It is a reflection of the current story you are telling yourself about yourself. Clients caught in the cycle of restrictive dieting, losing weight and gaining it back consistently treat their bodies with distrust and dislike. Clients losing weight in the long term trust their bodies, decode their cravings and unveil NEW WAYS TO SPLURGE. Because rich living includes martinis and great sex and chocolate and connecting over drool-worthy food AND feeling great naked. That's a tall order, I know. Here's how to start the journey from food-funk to FABULOUS, HEALTHY FOODIE.

  1. NAMING the choices we make (whether good or bad) takes away the shame. And shame never helped anyone. Progress happens when people risk making mistakes. Perfectionism leads to not even starting.

  2. Find a picture of your 6 -year-old self. If you wouldn't say it to her, don't say it to yourself. We all have enough haters without being one of them!

  3. Our bodies crave expansive foods (ice cream, martini, cake etc) when they are stressed. It's just your body saying "hey hot stuff, time to relax." Try a candle lit bath or a snowball fight or playing hooky from your email for a whole 3 hours. MESSAGES FROM YOUR BODY ARE ALWAYS HELPFUL. It is our own misinterpretation that leads to greater body distrust.

  4. When we finally learn BODACIOUS BODY TRUST, we make better choices. AND when we mess up, we can THANK OUR BODIES FOR THE MESSAGE BEHIND THE CRAVING, even when our response involved not-so-great choices.

  5. According to Paul Knitter, reconciliation is the ability to explain the pain of BOTH sides. And that means LISTENING to our inner health-lover AND our inner rule-breaker. Because it IS possible to honor both.

Want to decode your cravings for sugar? Schedule your FREE "Kick The Sugar, Sugar" zoom presentation. Healthy isn't perfection. Healthy is fallible AND fabulous.

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