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Restocking those cupboards


Anyone else ready to restock cupboards and meal plan in a way that increases the efficiency of time spent in the kitchen?  Today I’m excited to share thoughtful ways to restock your kitchen. Having your cupboards and freezer thoughtfully stocked with budget-friendly, healthy foods is vital to: 

  • Ensuring nutrient-dense meals for your family

  • Maintaining a healthy immune system 

  • Reducing last-minute shopping trips

  • Increasing your ability to really show up for others

So what are these fabulous cupboard stocking ingredients?

  1. Unprocessed carbs (Secret rule #1: avoid anything white. It has less nutrients.) 

  2. Sweet potatoes 

  3. Brown rice 

  4. Quinoa-actually a seed but treated like a carb

  5. Chia seeds-actually a seed but treated like a carb

  6. Oatmeal

  7. Check out Ezekiel bread or GF bread

  8. Veggies. Get friendly with frozen. This study reveals that fresh veggies lose nutrient value in the fridge, whereas frozen veggies maintain that value. Think green smoothies, casseroles and stews.

  9. Spinach

  10. Kale

  11. Butternut squash

  12. Cauliflower

  13. Sweet peas

  14. Fruit. Think smoothies, crisps, pancakes, pies, snacks

  15. Any and all berries (Huge bags of mixed berries are the best)

  16. Peeled and diced apples

  17. Pineapple

  18. Mango

  19. Bananas

  20. Grapes

  21. Sustainable protein Corina-style (Secret Rule #2: Choose the protein that works best for your body, your budget and your integrity. As a vegan married to a big-hearted, compassionate carnivore, I’m convinced that “eating kind” is about being kind, not judgmental.) Here are the sources of protein I enjoy. If yours are different, cool!

  22. Beyond Burger “beef” -stick it in the freezer

  23. Any and all canned beans (Secret rule #3: When eating more plant-centric, keep it simple and be ok with taking the easy route sometimes.) When it comes to beans and gas, cooking the beans with a bit of Kombu seaweed helps.

  24. Any and all nut butters, nut flours, nuts & seeds. Keep butters in the fridge to last a while. 

  25. Any ancient grains: amaranth, chia, quinoa sorghum, farro etc

  26. Check out this article on protein rich foods AND the protein chart I’ve attached. :)

Remember, sometimes it’s less about what we’re stocking cupboards with than who we are being as we stock cupboards. May you be a strength-filled, kindness-spreading model of resilience and love as you stock your cupboards.

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