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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Resilience practices for those times when you're a hot mess.

Heya heya hiya!

Corina here with another tips-and-tricks post. In my last post I shared the quote

"Make your mess your message."-Joyce Meyers

This is a critical concept because it can help you use the struggles in your life to move forward with even greater meaning and momentum. And who doesn't want that? The key to this: RESILIENCE.

In my classroom I have a poster taped to my desk that says "Cultivate Resilience" because I am convinced that resilience is what ultimately equips the next generation to be successful, positive change-makers. Our resilience has been put to the test during this unprecedented time in history. So how are we choosing to make meaning out of it? Who will we be when life returns to "normal"?

Who will we be when life returns to "normal"?

What kind of person do you want to be after all this? According to, "Resilience involves developing thoughts, behaviors and actions that allow you to recover from traumatic or stressful events in life." Below are a few behaviors and actions that I've found to be consistently helpful during tough situations:

  1. Give yourself the time you need to be a hot mess. Maybe that's 1/2 hour. Maybe that's 1 hour, the whole afternoon or 1 day. Ugly cry. Call a girlfriend. Scream. Break things constructively (murals or demolition anyone?) But when that time is up, you pick yourself up off the ground, and decide on your next step forward.

  2. Right it by writing it: If you need to go inward to clarify your own thoughts and conclusions, journaling is priceless. In fact, our brains work differently when we are physically writing, which is why writing so quickly leads to greater clarity. Writing helps us express and align with what we know is true.

Understand how your experience fits into the larger narrative.
  1. Research. I know, I'm such a nerd, but this step is seriously crucial to understanding how your experience fits into a larger narrative. If what you're experiencing is part of a larger pattern, realizing this can dissolve all that unhelpful shame. You are not alone.

  2. Act on what you know. Have that tough conversation. Write that post. Help spread awareness. Name your mistakes, claim your power and allow your struggle to help others. You are the only one that can tell your story. And, believe me, the world NEEDS it.

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