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Overcoming Blah Days

Why hello, infinitely creative being!

Hiking a mountain is a great way to get that heart rate up and sweat out impurities!

Ever have one of those blah days? Those days when, seemingly out of the blue, you feel headache-y and tired and seem to be moving in slow motion. You are not alone. Learning to turn a blah day around can:

  • Increase your resilience

  • Improve your mental game

  • Up you physical wellness

  • Fill your tool box with go-to fixes when those days come around

When you're experiencing a blah-day, get curious. This opens your heart and mind to hear what  your body is asking for. When we experience these days, it's often our body telling us that there's an area in our life that needs greater nourishment. It's like the dashboard in your car. When something lights up, you don't get mad at the car, you're grateful to know to address the issue. Below are some methods I've found effective for decoding that "check-engine" light:

  • Start your day with warm water and lemon juice. This increases peristalsis (aka: gets your metabolism up and running and stimulates the gut. The gut plays a HUGE role in physical and mental well being. Set yourself a goal to drink 5+ large glasses of water. 

  • Stick with a simple, healthy morning routine. For me that includes movement, meditation/prayer, journaling and juicing. Need specifics? See below.

  • MOVE: Everything from a leisurely walk to HIIT-whatever brings you joy that day

  • MEDITATE: Connect to The Divine through prayerful listening. 5+ minutes of sitting still, silent, eyes closed. Once each breath is slow, long and relaxed (like sleep breathing) I know I’m in a good listening space.  

  • JOURNAL: Here the focus  is on the story you want to live out today. Answering these questions helps me clarify my plan for the day: How are you feeling? Top 3 tasks? What are you grateful for? Name your intention (to be……). Write an affirmation (I am . . .) Name your current long term goal. Write 1 tiny  action you can take towards that goal today. 

  • JUICE:  This juice is sure to jolt you out of a physical funk-that boost of vitamin C will work miracles! Don’t have a juicer? This smoothie will give you a gently fiber-rich boost. 

  • Shower and get ready for work (even if you’re staying home). This is hugely beneficial to the largest organ on your body: skin. 

  • I dry brush before showering. This just means running a gentle brush over your skin. This exfoliates, stimulating your skin and increasing blood flow. Here are the brushes hubby and I love. (The tiny brush stimulates lymph nodes, cleanses toxins and even clears sinuses. It’s the perfect cross between a lymphatic massage and a jade roller! I use this brush for my body. (It’s softer than most.)

  • When you hop in the shower, I make it a little cooler than usual. Getting goosebumps and then stepping into that warm shower increases blood flow and alertness. 

  • Stick to your top 3 priorities. Having 5+ items on your to-do list can be overwhelming and prevent you from accomplishing even one.  Focus on your top 3 priorities and if  you complete even just one, the day is a success. 

Want more? Schedule your Cheesecake Cure Breakthrough session here.

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