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Making peace with the present

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

This is the beginning of a season where we are used to gathering family near and far. Where there is a sense of greater closeness to the people whose paths we cross. We reckon with the past, make peace with the present and step into the grand possibility of the future. Making peace with the present is about acting in a way that creates peace amid the situation.

5 simple ways to CREATE PEACE this season

Staying safe is sexy. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and the people around you. Wear your mask, sweat daily, drink half your weight in ounces of water. Clean like in-laws are coming over, order groceries online and avoid gatherings.

Keep warm. Don’t let cold temperatures slow you down! Movement and hot drinks are a must for me in the winter months. They boost my spirits and warm me from the inside. Embrace hot baths and layers. Body-hugging layers keep you insulated (hello long underwear!) With top layers, notice the fabric. The saying “cotton kills” refers to the fact that cotton stays cold when wet and dries slowly. Fabrics like wool, silk, cashmere, velvet, corduroy and leather insulate more effectively. Stay safe and thrift shop online using this great list of shops.

Care for your space. It can be hard to feel loved when we can’t gather in the same space. The quality of your space often reflects the quality of the environment you’re willing to tolerate. So take care of it, because it’s an extension of you.The people who feel most loved believe they ARE lovable. So care for the space you control because you are worth it and you are lovable and YOU deserve a cozy space this season.

Create some cozy. Arrange your space with an eye for physical and visual warmth. Use blankets and pillows in red and orange tones, add warm lighting and plants and viola! You can take a space from feeling cold and formal to feeling cozy and whimsical...often by rearranging what you already have in your home.

Design forward. You know the past, you’re making peace with the present and you can intentionally design new traditions you want to pass on with each holiday. Keep any that align with your values. Bless and send the rest on their way. Here are some traditions we piloted this Thanksgiving.

  1. Reclaim the name. One native chef calls Thanksgiving “Indigenous Foods Day,” a name I believe is more accurate and appropriate.

  2. Educate yourself. Make November the month where you consciously consume media that highlights indigenous history, arts and businesses.

  3. Act. Diversify your feed. Sign a petition online. Write your own land acknowledgement. Share what you are learning. Ask questions.

  4. Decolonize dinner with heirloom produce and try your hand at native recipes.

  5. Support indigenous businesses and start your holiday shopping now!

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