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Lean On Me

Dear friends,

We live in a world where the statement “Black lives matter” is still considered an opinion, where 2,000 people die daily from reported Coronavirus deaths. A world where experts warn that a second wave of Coronavirus or a twindemic is likely and where severe economic strain has impacted food security, job stability and income. 

  • In this time it is vital that we support each other and our communities to:

  • Grow resilience

  • Cultivate a kinder community and world

  • Ease the needs of our neighbors

  • Experience grace and hope in a time of fear

How can I support others even when I feel fearful and unsure? 

1. Use your fear as a reminder to stay physically safe (using a mask, following social distancing guidelines) and cultivate healthy habits/family rituals.  Nourishing a sense of safety and normalcy at home builds resilience. 

Notice what you do have an abundance of: Maybe that’s time, or musical talent or herbs from your garden or old clothes. 

2. Notice what you do have an abundance of: Maybe that’s time, or musical talent or herbs from your garden or old clothes. 

3. Offer to help out of your abundance. Use that extra time to call the elderly in your neighborhood, sign online petitions or write an encouraging card. Musical talent? Record yourself and share it with someone in need of encouragement. This is great for religious services as well. Set out those extra herbs or produce with a welcoming sign. (I’ve seen so much of this on my early morning walks-from tomatoes to spider plants, you might be surprised at the abundance in your neighborhood.) Donate old clothes or sell extra items on Fb marketplace and donate the money to a local food pantry. 

4. Ask for help when you need it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always “no”. By allowing others to help you through struggles, you cultivate healthy vulnerability and grow your ability to see your unique struggles as a part of what makes you extraordinarily beautiful. Own it. You never know when they will need your help. 

Move forward with integrity, courage and common sense . . .

May these steps help you move forward with integrity, courage and common sense. I believe in you and am SO grateful to have you in my life. 

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