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Keeping Your Immune System STRONG

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

From to shaking it. Here are your keys to a strong immune system.

SHHHHHhhhhh it. Yep. You should be doing exactly that once a day.


This week I’m excited to share some tips about something that has been on my mind for several weeks now: creating and maintaining a strong immune system. Alright folks, hold onto your hats and get ready for the ride. SHHHHHHHhhhh it. Yep. You should be doing exactly that at least once a day. Basically, when waste is regularly removed, it creates an inner environment that is able to soak up more nutrients. Imagine not taking out the garbage in your house for 2 weeks. Yuck. That’s exactly what happens when we’re constipated. Here’s a graphic to help you monitor how you’re doing. Used to the Standard American Diet (and the subsequent constipation)? Looking to shake things up?

Shake it off like Taylor Swift.

Shake it off like Taylor Swift. Seriously. Dance to a song. Chase your puppy around the house. Movement jump-starts metabolism, boosts mood and hugely increases energy. When I move in the mornings I am more productive and think more clearly throughout the day. Rushed in the morning? A walk around the block on lunch break works magic. Find the movement that you most enjoy then work it.

Try eating anything you want for one week

FREELY NOURISH. I invite you to try eating anything you want for one week on the condition that you are listening to your body's response. This can be scary. Somewhere along the way, we have internalized the message that if we pursue what we really want (food, career, connection, you-name-it) it will cause destruction. But what if listening to your gut was the key to pursuing the kind of magnificent obsession that makes the world a better place? So own it. You’re the CEO of your life and wellness. Listen to your body’s favorites and eat more of those foods.


BUBBLES. Be sure to wash those lovely hands! I’m a fan of these soaps scented with essential oils. Too basic? Bubble baths reduce stress in the body which in turn allows your body to better process nutrients. Here’s my favorite 3-in-1 soap. Afraid of dry skin but don’t want lotions made with mystery ingredients? Coconut oil has a similar make up to the healthy oils naturally produced by the skin and works as an excellent moisturizer (plus you can add your favorite essential oils!

That’s it for now folks! Let me know which tip was your favorite!


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