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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Here’s the thing. We all know we should be drinking more water. We know it’s cleansing and healthy

and we know that our bodies are made up of quite a lot of water. But did you know dehydration decreases brain function and impacts concentration, problem-solving and coordination?! In fact prolonged dehydration (as part of an unhealthy lifestyle) can speed up cognitive decline.

Therefore, hydrating helps us continue to be creative problem solvers, maintain long term brain function and memory-yes please! AND keep those cat-like reflexes cat-like not sloth-like.

6 Steps to Better Hydration

Know the dirt on bottled water

Tap water is held to higher cleanliness standards than bottled water ( Half of all bottled water comes from a tap! It takes 3 times the water to produce a bottle of water as it does to fill it.

Know the dirt on tap water.

Aging pipes can lead to dangerous levels of lead in tap

water. Notice if tap water is cloudy, and has a funny taste or odor. Some odors are from purifiers added to the water. Some are not.

Choose to drink the way that’s best for your body, your budget and your integrity

We use a tap water test and filtering pitcher to ensure quality tap water.

Store bottled water in cool temperatures to prevent chemicals leaching into the water from warm plastic or purchase water in reusable glass bottles!

Fill that pitcher:

Divide your weight in half. That’s the total number of ounces you should drink per day. Fill up a pitcher with the total ounces to drink and use that throughout the day (less counting!)

Choose 1 tiny change and enjoy BIG results:

Starting your day with lemon water increases peristalsis (aka gut activity) and jumpstarts your metabolism.

Digestive issues? Warm water is gentler on the gut and provides fast relief from bloating and gas. Add cinnamon

for an aromatic boost to ovarian health and weight loss.

Have water available when working, running errands, doing yard work, cooking and relaxing. Availability alone makes a huge difference.

Make your water the envy of the room:

Fill a glamorous wine glass, your favorite mug or a water bottle (we use these daily). Next, add a little something extra to delight the taste buds and eyes. Add berries, a dash of cranberry juice, mint leaves, lime, orange slices, even cinnamon! By doing so, you create an experience of luxurious water drinking and build neural pathways between positive feelings and drinking water (aka habits that last because they feel good!)

Let’s keep the world and YOU hydrated.

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