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Curated Consumption

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Ever been here...

It starts with a simple product search. I begin reading reviews, examining EWG ratings, comparing prices and before I know it I'm watching youtube tutorials on how to "lift the face using makeup"? Anyone relate? I LOVE researching products. Why? Because in a society obsessed with consumerism it is vital that we, the consumers, get obsessed with the larger impact of the companies, policies and products our dollars go towards.

Who doesn't want a product they can feel great ordering repeatedly and using for years? As someone who leans towards minimalism, I'm obsessed with finding long-lasting products that meet high standards. SO, sweet friends, here's a list of favorite products I use on a daily basis and feel great purchasing again and again. (Most are unscented as regulations around scented items do not require transparency. All have scented options available.)

  • SOAP AND shampoo AND bubble bath!

  • A RAZOR that addresses the "pink tax." My sister inspired this. :)

  • LOTION (for face and body) Add 1-2 drops of a favorite essential oil!

  • CLEAR SUNSCREEN that goes on like a silken primer. (Finally!!!!)

  • MULTIVITAMIN I definitely feel the difference when I wake up.

Real talk: These products fit our life right now and it's ok if they don't fit yours. Use the questions below to find your own best choices.

  1. Do I need it right now or can I finish the last of the old product first?

  2. Is what I'm buying safe (containing low-hazard ingredients)?

  3. What are reviewers on Amazon saying about it?

  4. If I can't afford it, what's the next best option?

  5. Can I save by using a DIY substitute?

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