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Heya, I'm Corina.

 I stand for Femme empowerment, 

Sensual self-worth and heart healing.


I have personally transformed trauma 

Into peace filled purpose,

Soul-fueled service, 

Sensual self-worth

And unstoppable femme power.

And my clients do the same.



Pain into purpose, shame into surety

Building bodacious body trust,

Sacred sensuality, connective clarity

Sparkling, diamond strong boundaries. 


They know what it looks like to 

Clearly see and greatly value yourself.


I stand for the physical and

Emotional freedom of women.

I stand for vivid voice and vibrant health

For loving so wildly that accountability becomes second nature. 


I am a creator and a catalyst, an activist and activator.

I craft communities of women that speak up, show up,

Own their mess and craft their message. 

It’s time to shed the shame, damn the deprivation

And start living and loving like you mean it.


Stop living small when you want a life that's epic.

Stop shrinking your sensuality and personality into something tiny. 

Stop sucking up and shutting up.

Stop being "nice" when you are called to be FIERCE.

Stop playing small and calling it “good” when you’ve always been MAGNIFICENT.

Ready to go from "damaged goods"

To Damn Gorgeous Goddess? 

Ready to shed the fear

And embrace being fierce? 

Switching from hopeless

To spicy hot, peace-filled purpose? 


Book a call now and access

the step-by-step method to

Activating your purpose,

your peace

and your soul story. 



Lots of love,

Corina Bentum

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