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YOU just booked your VIP Initial Clarity Session!

1) I've received your booking request. You will receive an email response shortly.

2) Once confirmed, your 90 minute, FREE VIP Clarity Session will be completed via zoom. Please be in a silent place with you camera ON. You will be emailed the ZOOM link. 


3) This FREE, VIP Initial Clarity Session will help you get crystal clear on what your goals are and how to get from where you ARE to where you WANT to be.


4) By the end of this call I'll know if you're a good fit for me, you'll know if I'm a good fit for you and we can move forward from there.

5) Don't worry. I do HEART sales, not hard sales. I intend to offer you clear steps forward, whether or not we end up working together.








































You booked this call because something in you is crying out for a change.

It's time to heal the wounds,

Alchemizing pain into purpose

Shame into surety

Building bodacious body trust

Brave conversations, and sparkling,

Diamond strong boundaries.

It's time to unveil your voice

And embody your message. 

Because you are not "damaged goods"

You are a damn gorgeous goddess.

And you have the POWER

To transform trauma

Into spicy hot, peace filled purpose,

Soul-fueled service,

Sensual self-worth

And unstoppable femme power


So you can finally show up, speak up,

Own your mess

And share your

Soul Story. 

P.S. I’m a certified life coach and health coach and your guide to femme empowerment, sensual self worth and heart healing. My clients call me part cheerleader and part tough-love coach because I offer the consistent care and accountability you need to achieve LONG TERM results.

I teach through a unique blend of mindset and habit hacks, experiential exercises and simple steps so you can achieve MAJOR GOALS in a way that’s

SUSTAINABLE. You can BE different without having to THINK about being different. Clients leave this 90 program bolder, brighter and oh-so-stunning. 


My work has included serving aboard a hospital ship, sharing my family’s health journey with prisoners, planning school-wide health initiatives, designing curriculum around global health goals, crafting communities of conscious women in the online space and creating content that gets clients to ACHIEVE the long term RESULTS they crave in a way that's simple AND sustainable. 


Fashionable Girl

Having my first event was on my goal list. Corina never forgot and mentioned that goal in several sessions . . . COVID happened and I thought surely, there was no way I’d have an event this year . . . I had my first event, virtually, in July! And who was there to support me? Corina was! 

—  Bria: Poet and Asst. Director of Graduate Support

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