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It was one of the first things that struck me when we began our sessions. She would ask me what had been going well for me and then genuinely celebrate what I responded with . . . it helped me to analyze my success in a new way because I had this fresh revelation that small success is still success. Having my first event was on my to-do/goal list. Corina never forgot about that and mentioned that goal in several sessions . . . COVID happened and I thought surely, there was no way I’d have an event this year. God had other plans. I had my first event, virtually, in July! And who was there to support me? Corina was! She didn’t have to be a part of my writing workshop, but SHE WANTED TO! She knew the seed form version of my event idea.If you want or need support in really doing the things on your “to-do” list and going after a fuller life, Corina’s your coach! 


Corina went with me to my first MRI scan. I used the breathing techniques she shared to get through the second MRI. It turns out I had anemia. I’m now supplementing with iron and am juicing (!!!)  lots of iron-rich greens as I move towards getting off those supplements.


By our 4th session, I’d lost 10 lbs without focusing on weight. Month by month I piloted different ways of eating to find a hybrid that works best for me. Today, I love plant-based and am eating meat once a week. I enjoy oat milk, flax meal, chia seeds, cold pressed juice, farm-to-table meat, coconut water and Kombucha. I got organized: clearing out the basement, redecorating my daughter’s room AND updating stress-related eating habits. I can hardly believe how much I’ve accomplished and how much I’ve changed my palate. This was so fun. It didn’t even feel like work. What I know now is about breaking generational curses and passing that information on to my daughter (who, by the way, loves acai bowls and plant-based ice cream!)


Less than 6 months ago I was living paycheck to paycheck,  feeling afraid that I was wasting my time and talent and had no clear direction or sense of purpose.  The world looked grey. 

After just a few months of working with Corina, I have a new sense of purpose. I am saving money, losing weight, eating better, connecting to my intuition and actively pursuing what matters most to me. This summer, you will find me in New York City pursuing my long-term dream of being a creative. For the first time in a long time, I am fully showing up for myself and those I love. Are you? 


I began working with Corina when I was six months pregnant and had just completed my certification as a yoga teacher through Holy Yoga. I wanted to provide a more playful and less stressed environment for our baby, but struggled to maintain a morning routine. I feared that I might try to change and then fail. Corina offered the nudge I needed to clear the clutter, choose breakfast foods that worked best for my body and see how getting nourishment is part of showing up for others. No more guilt about staying in bed or communicating boundaries or not answering every single text! And then I had James. I grew a human and brought him out into the world. Not as planned and in the midst of a pandemic. And amid that I was able to communicate well with my husband, let go of expectations, and start journaling for the first time in a long time. I wrote my life mission statement! Oh, and today, our mornings are filled with connection, conversation, and a nourishing meal to start the day.



I signed up for Corina’s Love Coaching program seeking a higher level of connection, clarity in my romantic life and deeper relationships. I had also really been struggling with sleep. Together we considered what techniques and methods worked and what didn’t. It culminated in realizing that my body was communicating my need to let go of exhausting, “vampire” activities and relationships. Today I have gained clarity and closure AND am more clearly expressing what I need. Big changes are scary and having Corina’s support has helped me focus on what I can control. Self-communication has also improved: I am journaling and meditating daily and follow my intuition. I am sleeping better, letting go and looking forward. Need a coach committed to addressing the cause (physical and emotional) of your symptoms? Corina’s your gal. Your body really does tell you what’s up!


MY HEALTH: I’d been in pain for 7 years and needed some answers. Corina’s genuine kindness stood out. Before long I was making healthier choices and naming what I wanted in my life, my relationship, my health. When my doctor shared that I’m likely suffering from Scleroderma, Corina sent me a booklet with her preliminary research and more practical advice  than I’d ever received from my doctors. Scleroderma causes your skin to harden. Today, I feel more comfy in my own skin than I have in years. 


MY HEART: I am diagnosed with severe social anxiety and I struggle with aggressive communication. Today, I come from a place of knowing who I am and who I want to be. My demeanor has changed. I stand up for myself without aggression. I’m more in tune when I'm talking to someone. Corina gave me a sense of when to share, but most of all she let me speak. And I needed that. I’m seeing things clearer than I ever have. I’m proud to be walking away from stuff and following my spiritual growth into a new chapter. 


Before working with Corina my life felt more frenetic than focused. I kept wondering “what do I really want?” I craved a feeling of love and connectedness. I felt disconnected in my closest relationship. At a deep level, I felt that if i wasn’t attractive or put together I wouldn’t be loved. I craved more energy at work. I craved a connection-finding my tribe. I wondered if my voice and communication was too passionate. 

Today I’m proud of how much I am able to accomplish and manage in my daily life. I know what I need, stand up for myself and I believe in my own wisdom. I expect to be met in my relationships and I have clarity in knowing what I need. I feel heard at work and have increased my energy. I know I really am enough just as I am. I know my body is strong and I acknowledge myself when I’m complimented.  I am reclaiming myself.


Not that long ago, my life was filled with things I didn’t really want: stress and worry, belittling self-talk, fear of not doing enough socially, hating myself for being uncomfortable around large groups, sweets that robbed me of energy, a not-so-sweet relationship that filled me with doubt, a lack of connection and joy

Today, I use my favorite stress-reduction methods to work through any overwhelm. I know myself better and am able to view others in a healthier light.I choose to see how divinely loved I really am. I understand how processed sugar affects my body and I embrace messing around in  the kitchen making nourishing sweets. Peanut butter cups, anyone?  I chose to see myself as divinely beloved, and now I’m in a healthy romantic relationship. I have more joy and I intend to make it stick. Through Corina’s life coaching, I’ve identified the goals I’d like to accomplish in this life. I know what I want my life to look like and I have steps towards achieving just that. Do you?


I started working with Corina in the hopes of showing up for my family and my students in new, creative ways. I’ve always been a perfectionist and can be really hard on myself. After working with Corina, I’m coming up with new recipes and learning to not sweat the small stuff. I’m coming out of my shell and believing more in myself. I even changed what I eat for lunches and have seen an increase in energy. I used to be like “I can eat whatever I want as long as I run!” Now I eat whatever I want WITH a focus on making my body energized. AND this process has been FUN! The 20-21 school year JUST started and this year I don’t want to be the teacher sitting in my comfy chair when the students are jumping and dancing. I want to be the teacher jumping and dancing with them. Because before long, I will see them walking towards me as high school graduates. 

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